Prevent Fraud

Prevent Fraud Sam William October 31, 2021
Read our instructions carefully before buying to avoid fraud.

ITCERTSOLUTION is a safe and reliable company that replaces standard IT testing procedures and:

  • Accept multiple and reliable payment solutions, including a repayment system.
  • Provide an account for official certification issuer websites such as Microsoft Learning portal / CompTIA Certmetrics / EC-Council ASPEN / Cisco Learning Network.
  • Specify separate payment options.
  • No successful cases are shown on their website.
  • ITCERTSOLUTION has a 100% money-back and confidentiality guarantee.

ITCERTSOLUTION is a leader in the TEST-TAKING service and your best friend when it comes to IT certification service, for many years. We accept Western Union, WorldRemit, MoneyGram and other global payment solutions. Billing locations are not China, India or Pakistan where fraud is widespread.

No. Usually, only fraudulent companies display online testimonials or successful cases. All official copies of the certificates will be delivered only to the certification owner. ITCERTSOLUTION has a strict Privacy Policy. ITCERTSOLUTION will never share the candidate’s details with anyone else. ITCERTSOLUTION has 100% Confidentiality Guarantee. If there is a company that is showing you a testimonial or a successful case study, there is a high probability that what they do is fake. The so-called successful cases are most probably downloaded from the Internet, don’t fall for them.

In most cases our candidates want to keep their privacy, you also as our future candidate don’t want to talk publicly under your real name and advertise you used our service. Nor we advise you to do it. We respect that but always feel free to recommend us when possible.

The audit has never revoked our customers because we understand the certification process of the certification issuer. Typically, another company that has replaced the IT exam simply applies “brain trash” (answers to the model) to the exam answer form. Since many candidates are their customers in the same examination centers, the issuer of the certificate will find a large amount of plagiarism. As a result, all these candidates are considered frauds and their scores are revoked. To reduce risk, we never use a “brain dump” and always check the relationships between cooperative test centers and customers.

In most cases, they are actually not higher. We always use our resources to provide the easiest, best, fastest and most reliable proxy test-taking service. ITCERTSOLUTION does not cheat people. We understand that some companies will contact you for a very low service fee. The question is HOW likely it is that they will cheat on you.

ITCERTSOLUTION has nothing to do with other companies or websites, we build our own brand and reputation. As leaders in IT testing services, we know that some companies continue to copy the content or layout of our website. We see this as an encouragement to our customers to support a true ITCERTSOLUTION.

We are sure you’ve already noticed that we are a legitimate company that spends a lot of our money on the salary of our lecturers, trainers, advertisement, and regular administrative expenses. We believe in high standards of customer service and try to improve all the time.

All personal data and certification details of our customers strictly confidential. Upon completion of the test, all information is removed from our system. We respect the privacy of our customers and believe that no one wants to share their personal information or records of proxy certification services over the Internet.

It’s not difficult to understand that if our clients don’t pay on time or they cancel their exam, it will cause a lot of financial damage to our organization. That’s why we don’t have a practice of collecting a deposit from our clients. It simply doesn’t work.

Whereas, if you compare this with one of the many fraud companies around, you can easily see that they accept the deposit payments to their fake bank accounts somewhere in China, India or Africa. These are the untrustworthy companies that will issue:

Fake scorecard – You will get a virtual scorecard, and will be requested to check your results on a virtual (read fake) website. You will be told to wait for the certification to get delivered on your address. In most cases, the certifications would not reach for several weeks and you would not be able to see your records on websites of certification issuers like Microsoft or Cisco.

Pending cases can lead to anything – Once you have your fake scorecard, fraud companies would let you check a pending exam record on the certification issuer’s website. Now, this is a big problem. Once you’ve made the payment, there’s a high chance that your exam record is canceled. As you can see, it’s a fraud.

Changing personal information – Let us give you an example of another prevalent fraud from the companies which accept deposits. They will use the name of another certification holder and tell you to change it to your original name once you receive the certification. We would like to categorically state that certifications are only issued in one person’s name. The certification issuers do not offer any provision where you can change ‘your name’ at a later stage.

These are some of the prominent examples of common frauds that have happened in the industry. We can assure you that you can’t trust a company that is happy to accept a deposit. That is not a correct practice and you should avoid falling for that.

These were the most common queries that most of our customers are concerned about. If you have a question that is not on the list. Do not hesitate to contact us directly and we’ll be happy to offer a solution for you.

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